L a n d s c a p e  d e s i g n 

a n d

c o n s u l t a t i o n

Work with experienced professionals to design your landscape to match your style and home aesthetics.

Choose from a selection of plants in our nursery to create the perfect environment for your space.

List of services

  • Site-Specific Garden Planning & Organization

  • Landscape Drawings & Markouts

  • Landscape Restoration & Revegetation

  • Wetland Mitigation

  • Annual/ Perennial Garden Design

  • Vegetable Garden Design

  • Masonry

  • Specialized Pruning

home site consultations

Book an appointment with experienced professionals to learn how Troy's can help you turn your landcape into the garden of your dreams.

​From plant species selection to design and implementation, we will assist you to create your personalized outdoor space, from start to finish.

Troy's will consult your site specific needs to estimate the total for an affordable and competitive price for design and implementation.

Make use of the winter to start you garden design plans!

To learn more, please schedule a consultation.

S I T E  W O R K

At Troy's, we provide the plant species selection, construction, and implementation of your garden designs.

To learn more, please schedule a consultation!

list of services

  • Concept to Completion

  • Large Tree Moving and Planting

  • Contracting



At Troy's, we will plant your desired annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees. Large or small, we will plant it!

list of services

  • Large and Small Plant Installations

  • Plant Transplanting & Transportation

C O N T A I N E R  D E S I G N


Come in today to design your own planter from a variety of plant species. These custom planters make the perfect centerpiece or gift. 

Create your own plant arrangement, or choose from our many pre-made compositions in a selection of containers.

list of services

  • Personalized Plant Arrangements

  • Pre-made Planters